FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

A successful businessman, by definition, is the one who has his hand in every investment he owns but his head only in planning new ones.

When it comes to all hectic detailed issue of managing a property, whether it is maintaining it, finding tenants, money collection and whatever logistics, a successful businessman would certainly prefer these done by those specialist with a minimum percentages in return. In contrast, he would busy himself in creating new investments that would return him tens and hundreds as compared to that minimal service costs.

In all, time is money . Every Successfull investor understands this simple formula and would be never reluctant to pay specialist to save his time, knowing in advance that this time would be invested in creating new assets.

The simplest answer on this question is your own one. We gurantee our quality property exposure in the markets, the best agents letting your property, but these facts are to be mingled with your own choices of the best property to be owned and the price you ask for its rental in return. On the other hand there is no doubt that Dubai is a huge growing market with a parallel growing demand. One least fact to mention is that Dubai recieves daily in peak time no less than 180,000 passengers through its airports.

The laws of U.A.E are so straight and strict regarding this issue. A legal procedure is set in advance by U.A.E Goverment departments to face these situations. it is our responsibility, if choosen by the owner, to monitor the tenant's payments. If he is 3days late after the deadline, we contact him via phone, sms and email. If we receive no response till day 14 after the deadline, legal procedures are undertaken in coordination with you to deal it out. After all, it is our duty to minimize any possible loss and deal with it on the spot.

Agent's location has nothing to do with property management in no means. We are suscribed to online property networking where we receive alomost 100% tenant's inquiry and determine current rental prices in a selected area.

If u feel unsatisfy from the agency managing your property currently and want to switch to Provident Estate, all you need is to confirm your decision and contact us. Other following steps would be preceded by us, without affecting your current property's status if it is leased or tenanted.

In order for Real Estate to manage your property, the following documents should be provided to property management department:

Signed registration form

Property management fees

A copy of Title Deed

A copy of your passport

Signed and legalized Power of Attorney(if applicable)

Owner's contact details, including emails, mobile number, telephone number, fax number and address

Bank account details (If landlord is not residing in U.A.E)

Tenants are directed to contact directly with the property administrator at Best Option Real Estate. They will proceed with the tenant and resolve the issue keeping the tenant satisfied.

As long as the ownership details are not changed, there is no need to provide new documents. However, POA may need to be renewed every 3 years.

Tenants are directed to contact us on the spot via phone or email . After we receive the repair request, the proprty administrator contacts the tenants and make sure about the nature of the problem before sending the technical team. After determining that it is legitmate problem, the technical team is sent to fix it out.

The timeline to deal with the technical problems range between 1-3 working days, air conditioning and water heaters are given the priority and get as soon as possible.

Best Option Real Estate provides you all the freedom of choice to make your life easier with what we offer. Quality service back up with professional and honest customer care is our virtue, test it to prove it.